Arizona’s Disgraceful Senators: Mr Kyl and Mr McCain

Republican Senators Kyle and McCain

Senator John McCain was a participant in a war crime: The indiscriminate bombing of North Vietnam during the criminal Vietnam War. He deserved to be a POW but certainly under appropriate Geneva Convention strictures. He was known as a maverick: a conservative but quasi-independent Republican who supported campaign finance reform. Yet this was a man who opposed the establishment of a national holiday for Dr Martin Luther King. While he supposedly expressed contrition for this racism, I believe his hardened reactionary positions since the 2008 elections are his bitterness over his presidential defeat and his desire to run to the right to maintain in perpetuity his Senate seat. This guy is very homophobic. He opposed the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell without even mentioning that many of his cohorts in navy combat much less in his aircraft may have been gay. A man of hate and lover of war, he stated that the marines opposed ending discrimination for homosexuals and that he must as well. So what? Who cares about the marines? I don’t. Why does Mr McCain? His bitterness and underlying racism, is driving him to oppose every single proposal of President Obama. If not racism, rage over losing to a virtual unknown in 2008. To watch this privileged, spoiled, wealthy white male who is so far removed from the people, bully the vulnerable is shameful. Whether he was in uniform flying combat missions over innocent non-combatants or his behaviour in the Senate, he is truly a menace and a threat to this nation and its principles. “Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.”

Senator Jon Kyl is another prowar, militant bigot who knows virtually nothing about arms control or nuclear weapons.  He also voted to maintain the don’t ask, don’t tell policy of the Clinton years. This leader of the opposition to NEW Start is unaware of the need to constrain the nuclear arms race. Reaching agreements with Russia, even post-Cold War, sends a signal to threshhold states and others with nuclear ambitions that the nuclear superpowers are not completely unaware of Article VI of the NPT: that obligates the international community to move toward both nuclear and complete disarmament. It also would reestablish bilateral inspections that were envisioned under Nunn-Lugar and that ended with STARTs expiration in December 2009.

This man of war who opposes unemployment insurance for the middle class, health insurance for all Americans, but billions for Ballistic Missile Defense does not understand the latter. This warmonger is furious over the NEW Start treaty because it is the product of a Democratic administration. He claims it might inhibit the latest Star Wars version of BMD since it contains a clause meant to pacify Russia. BMD is immoral; The Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty (ABM) that prohibited nationwide missile defence to avoid the acceleration of even more offensive arms was a moral treaty destroyed by the war-criminal Mr George Walker Bush as he invoked the supreme interestsclause: yes he lied us into an unjust war in Iraq and should be tried in the Hague. The Russians see our track record of abrogating arms control treaties and trying to gain a strategic defencive edge under the guise of rogue state containment.

Creating nuclear defence is without any ethical foundation. Deterrence alone would preclude a state from launching a first-strike attack. Deterrence would not work against non-state actors because they would not be susceptible to missile defense anyway. They would opt for a smuggled weapon detonation or other means short of launching a ballistic missile with both a boost phase and a reentry vehicle descending from zero-gravity space. Extended deterrence is also an illusion for the US would not sacrifice New York or Chicago for a third country: even if a so-called partner or ally that was attacked with nuclear weapons.

Senator Kyle is more interested in confrontation that cooperation. He sees any effort to reduce nuclear weapons as unwarranted. He prefers robust muscularity in defence as opposed to ending the nuclear shadow hanging over humankind. Well Senator, missile defence does not work. Low-trajectory cruise missiles can defeat it. Using dummy warheads with chaff and other elements could trick it into deployment and then the real nukes could arrive. Unless the US intends to launch a first-strike against a nuclear state, no nuclear power would initiate a nuclear exchange with the US because there would be a second-strike retaliation. Senator Kyle, read your Bernard Brodie and represent yourself and your state with honour, internationalism and decency.

Our nation’s lack of decency in so many–not all areas–is the result of leaders such as the two Jon (Johns) from Arizona who lack empathy and compassion for those less powerful and the knowledge that war and militarism are self-defeating both morally and yes economically.

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