Chronicle of Higher Education Sources Kirstein Blog to Note AAUP Letter to DePaul President Holtschneider

Nota bene: The DePaul president, the Reverend Dennis H. Holtschneider has complained that the Illinois Conference of the AAUP did not contact him when it filed its report concerning the Namita Goswami case. Well, he has been now and let us see if he is willing to adhere to the Faculty Handbook and grant the professor either a new contract or a hearing. AAUP is a seamless organisation that operates on different levels. His complaint he was not contacted by ILL AAUP is somewhat a smokescreen for a broken, and discriminatory promotion and tenure system. Furthermore the Ill AAUP Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure report was primarily an assessment of the Department of Philosophy’s recommendation against tenure that violated many AAUP policies on academic freedom and due process. It examined scores of documents and carefully constructed its critique. Note the dean, Chuck Suchar, the College of Arts and Sciences Personnel Committee and the Review Board all recommended promotion and tenure for Professor Goswami. The ILL AAUP report mentioned Fr Holtschneider only as it pertained to having examined many of his tenure notification letters over a four-year period. He rarely if ever contravenes a University Board on Promotion and Tenure decision. What is so egregious is that the UBPT, the highest level of faculty review of a probationary faculty member,  is not required to copy its report to the faculty member: an egregious lack of transparency. Committee A ILL report, which will be released, characterised the UBPT system of secrecy as a prime example of the deficient system of review.

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AAUP to DePaul President: Reconsider Tenure Denial

December 21, 2010, 4:57 pm

The American Association of University Professors has asked the president of DePaul University, the Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, to “suspend” his decision not to reverse a denial of tenure to a philosophy professor, even though an appeals-review committee recommended that he do so. In a letter posted on a blog written by Peter N. Kirstein, vice president of the Illinois conference of the AAUP, the national association said DePaul had not followed its own due-process procedures for Namita Goswami, whose tenure denial the appeals committee said had been linked to academic-freedom violations. DePaul professors have already asked the university’s board to look into a string of failed tenure bids by minority faculty members.

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