Military Empire Keeps “Hitting” Blog

I post fairly frequently in rough groups of ten hits from the far reaches of the U.S. military establishment. It is nice to know that there is an interest among military personnel in my comments. Whenever I receive authentic, provocative comments via e-mail from members of the armed forces, I publish them with all due respect to their security concerns. It is important to maintain dialogue.

Army 516th Signal Brigade, Ft Shafter, Hawaii
Director of Automation Services, Ft Belvoir
DISA Information Systems Center, Arlington, Va.
DOIM, Fort Gordon, GA
HHC, 1st Signal Brigade
Randolph Air Force Base, Texas
USAISC-FT McPherson, Ga.
USAMITC : 2710 Howitzer Street Ft Sam Houston
99th Communications Squadron, Nellis A.F.B. Nevada
United States Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, Miss.
21CS/SCUS Peterson AFB, Colorado
United States Naval Academy, Annapolis

See also:

See also:

White Phosphorus terror weapon used at Falluja, Iraq days after Mr Bush “safely” reelected in 2004. Photo is non-specific on location and deployment of weapon of mass destruction.

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