Military Behemoth Keeps On Visiting Blog: Reflections on My Academic Freedom Struggle.

1) Army, Ft Shafter Hawaii
2) DOIM Network Branch, Ft Leavenworth, Kansas
3) HQ US Army Medical Research and Development Command Fort Detrick, Maryland
5) Air Force Materiel Command, Tinker Air Force Base OK
7) United States Army Space and Strategic Defense Huntsville, Ala. Army
8 ) Keesler Air Force Base Biloxi, Mississippi

I get so many hits from the United States military that I am going to have to compile a general list (master/mistresslist). I guess the air force still is interested in my views since the Air Force Academy and I had our little incident in 2002. Actually the academy tried to prevent the vicious violation of my rights and never supported the cowardly sanctions and reprimand that reflected a lack of character and integrity as the legions of critics pressured the university to take revenge on me. So be it and academic freedom is never free and to all the military directorates and “forts” and bases and academies who visit my blog, I hope you are getting a perspective that may give you pause if ordered to kill another human being or asked to cynically risk your life for ignoble purposes and evil cynical warmongers who are not concerned about your safety and health.

I can assure anyone who reads this. Had I known in advance what would happen to me as a result of my e-mail exchange with Cadet Kurpiel, I would definitely have sent the October 31, 2002 e-mail. I have not the slightest doubt I would send it. I would not do it again, for a second time, but I would not have changed the event if I had the power to go back in time and “revise” history. This is due to the generally positive if not unexpected benefits it has conferred upon me. One needs to go through a storm to see the promised land. I have seen the promised land and I will NOT backdown to threats of dismissal, suspensions, reprimands or books calling me dangerous or anti-American. It is so old!!

“Remember your humanity and forget the rest.” Einstein-Russell Manifesto, 1955

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