Mr David Horowitz Invited to Speak at St Xavier University

From: Kirstein, Peter N.
Sent: Fri 9/16/2005 7:07 AM
To: dhorowitz xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Please Read: A Formal Invitation to Speak from Peter N. Kirstein

Dear Mr David Horowitz:

I am extending an invitation for you to speak at St Xavier University in Chicago in March or April 2006 on a Wednesday evening which is more likely to garner a larger audience. The event would entail a mutual exchange on the topic: “Patriotism and the Academy.” There would be a dinner or lunch that I hope you would attend as well. I believe the suggested topic is sufficiently broad to afford an articulation of views without too narrow a focus. This is not a debate in the formal sense of the term but an exchange. I am suggesting the speakers would have twenty-five minutes each and I have projected a format below.

Dr John Gutowski has agreed to moderate this event. Dr Gutowski has served as Dean of the College at St Mary’s in Detroit, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at SXU, and was president of the faculty senate last year. He currently serves in the office of Past President. I can assure you that Dr Gutowski is non-partisan and would be scrupulously evenhanded in this role. I have spoken to him at length and he is deeply committed to an open exchange in which both speakers would be treated with dignity, professionalism and respect. I assure you Dr Gutowski would be most vigilant in maintaining appropriate audience decorum.

Mr Horowitz, the issue of honorarium is as follows. Our university, which was established by the Sisters of Mercy, is tuition dependent, has a very modest endowment and while experiencing record enrollment, does not possess vast funds. I hope you would accept an Honorarium of $1000 plus travel expenses with lodgings in a local Hilton hotel? I do not know what your normal speaking fee is but hopefully you would consider this as acceptable. I believe this venue could be useful for you to disseminate your views. It is in Chicago and the contrast between our positions might attract considerable media attention. Of course I can’t guarantee that.

A rough scenario:

700-725 First Speaker. (You would have the choice of opening or following the other speaker)

725-750 Second Speaker

750 to 800 A direct exchange between us with perhaps one or two questions per person.

800-845 audience participation

As an academic event, I construe its principal utility as enabling the audience to consider possibly disparate views on the theme of “Patriotism and the Academy.” I think it possible there could be some areas of agreement. I do not see this as a confrontational “debate” but as an exchange of views recognizing of course the inevitable contrasts. As you know I have publicly adopted a posture toward you that has been respectful and even supportive at times. My approach to this event would be equally appropriate. I don’t engage in ad hominems.

If you kindly accept this invitation then I will secure a couple of dates within those months and then seek anon your preference.



Peter N. Kirstein

Professor of History

St. Xavier University

3700 West 103rd Street

Tel. 773.298.3283

Chicago, Ill. 60655

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