Women in the Military: Beware of “Friendly Rapists.”

If one is killed by U.S. military personnel, it is referred to as “Friendly Fire.” Pat Tillman, the N.F.L. star was killed by “friendly fire” in April 2004 in eastern Afghanistan but the Army Ranger cowards tried to conceal it so they would not get bad publicity; also higher ups in the chain of command lied and tried to cover up this tragedy. As an institution, the Pentagon has hardly earned the respect of the American people. It is corrupt, violent, incompetent and particularly dishonest when it comes to discussing war crimes or individual deaths of soldiers. Not all in the military conform to this depiction but the worshipping of the military is simply without foundation.

In 2006, rapes against women increased by 24% in the crime-ridden military. Some 3,000 sexual assault reports were filed as compared to 2,400 in 2005. While homosexuals are kicked out of the military, even if virgins, rapists stand a better chance of continuing on in this odious profession of kill or be killed. Only about 780 were court-martialed or discharged.

What is a sexual assault? It includes rape, non-consensual sodomy, indecent assault, and it is becoming epidemic in our “professional, all volunteer force.” Sexual assaults are frequently unreported so these figures, supplied by the Associated Press, are certainly an underestimate of the sex crimes that criminal perverts in uniform commit.

Oh, it is in YOUR army. The army of occupation that needs to get out of other people’s countries and lives.

I have always maintained that the profession of soldiering brings out the worst in many combatants. The sense of invulnerability, the belief that force and violence are patriotic, the belief in their superiority since they are American soldiers and the encouragement to hate and dehumanise the “enemy.”

Also army standards have been lowered to allow many with criminal backgrounds to enlist. While sexual assaults are not restricted to army personnel, they occur on ships and elsewhere, the explicit and open admission that more soldiers with criminal backgrounds are recruited in order to meet monthly quotas, does not suggest the Pentagon supports the troops who might be targets of abuse by these criminals. Bringing in folks with troubled pasts may in principle sound like a “second chance” and may indeed have some merit; on the other hand it may result in a more undisciplined, criminal element that assaults and rapes women soldiers.

To General Peter Pace:
It is not enough to wear the uniform to command respect: It is what you do IN uniform that is determinant.

Pace, the bigoted and unseemly chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has condemned homosexuality as immoral. While not my lifestyle, who is he to sit in judgment of others? I wonder if he has spoken as forcefully on the rising sex-crime rate as “immoral” and the violation of women as “immoral.” He is probably too consumed with his own sense of self-importance as a marine to care about the troops: whether women rape victims or dying and wounded soldiers without bed pans at Walter Reed. Yes I know he is marine, not army, but he is chairperson of the Chiefs.

The mask is coming off and hopefully we can begin to see the value in reducing the mission, size and all powerful reach of the United States military.

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