The Chronicle of Higher Education Uses Blog to Publish Finkelstein Case

The Chronicle of Higher Education linked my blog to their story. They might have mentioned the blog by name and not just linked it but some are more generous about crediitng sources than others. Example: as will be revealed tomorrow.

Even though I broke this story nationally, I am not in this for the publicity but to defeat the enemies of academic freedom. That is what this is all about and what I am all about. If we allow the persecution of progressive professors to continue, our students will suffer and our nation will lose a major component of critical thinking that is so essential in preserving and advancing democracy.

The Chronicle article does affirm my reporting and provides this additional information:

“Michael L. Budde, chairman of the political-science department at DePaul, confirmed that Mr. Finkelstein’s colleagues had voted in favor of tenure. According to Mr. Budde, the case now will go to a universitywide promotion board, which will recommend a course of action to the provost and the president. That board is scheduled to meet on April 13. The university’s final decision is expected in mid-May.”

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