Mr George Walker Bush Has Perpetrated an Unjust War: Join the Antiwar Protests Today

This was an article I published in Gulf News that is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

July 26, 2005

Subjects for trial

As with former Iraqi president Saddam Hussain, US President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld should be tried for war crimes. Invading a sovereign nation, creating mass misery and economic deprivation for 25 million people and unleashing pre-emptive war in a Hobbesian manner of utter anarchy, must be severely punished.

The tragic train bombings in Madrid and the attacks on London’s tube and buses cannot be divorced from America’s monstrous neoconservative, pre-emptive crusade in Iraq and its refusal to bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a resolution that respects Palestinian rights to be free from colonisation and cultural destruction.

Nothing in the intervening two months since the letter was published has changed my mind. Support the mass demonstrations today Saturday, September 24 against this war and the “aggressive baby-killing tactics of collateral damage” that I appropriately cited in my e-mail. If the American people only knew that babies, women, and other innocents have died perhaps in excess of 100,000 in mass-slaughter in urban areas in Falluja, Ramadi and western border areas near Syria. The Pentagon is skilled at fighting secret wars within public wars. Embedding reporters such as the impressionable and pro-war reporter Judith Miller of the New York Times. In a pusillanimous manner, under the dissembling guise of privacy, body bags are rarely shown when returning dead military personnel to Dover AFB in Delaware. Rarely does the Pentagon show the carnage on television because for them, war is a photo-op that must be carefully managed. Otherwise, recruiting would plummet further and Americans would see too directly the mass-murder that these high-tech folks unleash abroad.

We know what the Pentagon does. They kill. Purely and simply. They kill. They can dress it up in Pentagonese, wave flags to obscure the murder but in the end, they live to kill and unfortunately too many of our soldiers live to die in war. And the general and admirals never, ever suffer. It is my hope as this preventive unjust war continues, that growing numbers of Americans will be increasingly reluctant to support this war fought in their name: the name of America. I am one of a growing number of Americans who has seen the mask stripped off our country’s fraudulent democracy with its ethnocentric claims as the most generous, most educated, most advanced, most culturally superior nation on Earth. I see the murder; I see the evacuees; I see the poverty; I see the class structure based on whiteness, ideology and family connections. I see a warmongering nation that must be challenged and forced to reckon with evil policies, incompetently administered that bring suffering and ruin to so many lovely, innocent people throughout the world.

Resist War, Wage Peace, Stop the Murder and the Collateral Damage in which BABIES and other innocents are destroyed for the governing power-maximising elites in Washington.

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