Norman G. Finkelstein’s “Hucksters.” Dean Suchar, Professor Dershowitz and the Misspelling of a Word.

In the Suchar Memorandum, Chuck Suchar, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at DePaul University argued that Dr Finkelstein should not receive tenure on the basis of the tone and lack of alleged civility in his research. The only specific example that was cited was:

“My reading of Dr. Finkelstein’s work, especially The Holocaust Industry, where in one chapter alone Goldhagen, Morris, Wiesel, Kosinski and many others are collectively attacked as “hoaxters and huxters”, typifies his apparent penchant of reducing an argument and oppositional views to the inevitable personal and reputation damaging attack, demeaning those with whom he disagrees.”

Beware of the “huxter.”

There are several misspelled words in the memorandum in addition to these. “Hoaxters” should be “Hoaxers,” and “Huxters” should be “Hucksters.”

In The Holocaust Industry, the second chapter, pp. 39-78, is titled with correctly spelled words: “Hoaxers, Hucksters, and History.” This is in reference to Zionists who have used the holocaust of World War II as an excuse to justify Israeli actions of colonialism and ethnic cleansing. It is also used sometimes dishonestly, according to Professor Finkelstein, to exaggerate Jewish suffering and to promote the notion that Jews are under siege and especially in Israel or Israeli-occupied Palestine.

Alan M. Dershowitz, of the Harvard Law School, on October 3, 2006, developed a bill of particulars that he has used in order to silence and remove Professor Finkelstein from academia. He sent a laundry list of alleged wrongdoings to the DePaul law and political science faculties. It included this provocative charge.

5. Daniel Goldhagen

Among the dozen or so Jewish writers whose careers Finkelstein has tried to destroy with the same accusations — “fraud,” “huxter,” “shake-down artist,” “plagiarist” — he has only ever written a full book about one other: Daniel Goldhagen. Goldhagen did a masterful job of going point-by-point on Finkelstein’s many lies and distortions. I’m attaching, below, a copy of Goldhagen’s essay, “The New Discourse of Avoidance.” [Emphasis added]

It is interesting to note that both Dean Suchar and Professor Dershowitz misspelled “huckster” as “huxter.” I wonder if the DePaul dean simply took Professor Dershowitz’s point and incorporated it with the misspelling into his non-recommendation for tenure and promotion. It does raise certain questions whether the dean was relying heavily on an external source from an academician who was not part of the formal review process at DePaul University.

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