SEAL Team 6 Looting Is not “Job well done” in Barbaric Raid and Assassination of Sheikh Usama Bin Laden

May 6, 2011: Supporters of Pakistani religious party Jamiat-e-ulema-e-Islam are seen near an image of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden during an anti-U.S. rally on the outskirts of Quetta, [Pakistan]. Text except for nation identification from Washington Post, May 7, 2011. I might add the virtual Democratic-Republican Party, there actually was one with this name in the 19th Century, is also a “religious party” as well. The fantasy in our secularisation is belied by the reality of a forced national religiosity and affirmation in a god. We don’t refer to Likud or other Israeli parties as “religious” for some reason but only Muslim parties in our crusade against that great and significant religion.

It had to happen. The agitprop specialists in the national-security state are bragging about finding huge amounts of intel in the Bin Laden residence and are releasing prosaic video that was stolen in a vigilante-justice raid. The New York Times has reverted to the ardour for war as seen in the faux reporting of Judith Miller before the Iraq war invasion. Now they are the new voice of the administration and the Pentagon. No critical commentary, no reflection on the killing of a human being by thugs and looters. Today they report the removal of “thumb drives, DVDs and computer disks, along with 10 computer hard drives, 5 computers and assorted cellphones.”

First: This property does not belong to the United States and should not have been removed. It either belongs to the Pakistani civil authorities, if there are any in that militarised state, or should be returned to relatives of the Bin Laden family. Or are they all to be apprehended by dint of surname? SEAL Team 6 should have been ordered not to remove any property from the Abbottabad compound in Pakistan. This is basically a looting operation on top of the illegal and appalling use of force against non-resistant civilians.

Second: SEAL Team 6 members hiding under the cloak of anonymity should be prosecuted along with their superiors including the all powerful president for this crime against humanity and crime against peace resulting from this conspiracy to plan an invasion of another nation’s airspace, land and possibly territorial waters.

While Afghanistan’s corrupt government is lauding this slaughter, another violation of international law took place when the SEAL looters initiated their operation from Afghanistan. While presumably Afghanistan approves of drone and other attacks from their territory to the Swat Valley, North Waziristan and other “tribal areas” of Pakistan, international comity would require that a nation that is used as a launching pad for an illegal breach of another nation’s sovereignty be allowed to defer or cancel such an operation.

Third: President Barack Hussein Obama’s awarding of a Presidential Unit Citation and proffering a quasi-private encomium of “job well done” to the killers of SEAL Team 6 at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on May 6, 2011 is a regrettable and destructive action. It sends a terrible message particularly to vulnerable youth that heroism and presidential praise can result from the indiscriminate use of force and betrayal of the principle of non-combatant immunity. Fort Campbell is where many of our contingency forces are stationed, in between “counterterrorism” marauding that slit throats and kill innocents without accountability in their lawless world of unseemly and murderous terrorism. Killing is always a tragedy; murdering women and children that took place is not a “job well done,” but a disgrace and monstrous crime perpetrated by the world’s chief threat to international peace and security.

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