Exclusive: Finkelstein Supporter Mehrene Larudee also Denied Tenure at DePaul

Sources have indicated that the University Board on Promotion and Tenure recommended against tenure for Professor Mehrene Larudee, who is a faculty member in International Studies. She received unanimous support from both her department, the College personnel committee as well as from Dean Suchar. She had been openly supportive, according to sources, of the application of Professor Finkelstein for promotion and tenure. One wonders if a majority on the University Board on Promotion and Tenure is on a purge of progressive faculty at DePaul University? Professor Larudee even though her support was even more extensive than that of Professor Finkelstein, is denied tenure by DePaul President Holtschneider.

I am not privy to the internal documents of the university-wide panel but one has to be concerned about an egregious denial of academic freedom and all due consideration of faculty peer review at the department, college and even college ADMINISTRATIVE level.

Clearly, this sordid situtation casts grave doubt on the capacity of DePaul and in particular its president and University Board on Promotion and Tenure to assess qualifications and university-wide promotion and tenure standards with dispassion, impartiality and justice. As usual it is the students who suffer as well as the candidates who are purged from an institution due to a Procrustean-bed notion of “insititutional fit.”

Again, I have not seen the internal documents of the U.B.P.T. but having covered this situation for months and having access to sources and documents not made available to the general public, I am concerned grave academic injustices have been committed at DePaul University.

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