Who’s Who on DePaul University’s Committee on Promotion and Tenure

DePaul University President Reverend Dennis H. Holtschneider has informed the American Association of University Professors he did not contravene any personnel decision of the University Board on Promotion and Tenure. This committee recommended that Professor Norman G. Finkelstein be denied tenure and promotion. Professor Finkelstein was recommended for promotion and tenure by his department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Personnel Committee.

In addition, this committee of DePaul faculty recommended the denial of tenure for Professor Mehrene Larudee. She was recommended unanimously by her department, by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Personnel Committee and by Dean Chuck Suchar. These are the members of the committee, the constitution of which, is neither proprietary nor confidential.

1. Jeffrey Bergen (Mathematics)
2. Nan Cibulat-Jenkins (Theatre)
3. Joe Ferrari (Psychology)
4. Margit Livingston (Law)
5. Lucy Lu (Communications)
6. Gayle Mindes (Education)
7. Michael Murray (Management)

Committees may not always vote in unanimity and it is not farfetched to assume that some of these colleagues supported academic freedom and acknowledged the transformational and brilliant scholarship of Norman G. Finkelstein.

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