Chicago Sun-Times Reports on Finkelstein Tenure Case.

I found the Chicago Sun-Times article much more balanced than the previous reporting on this nationally significant academic freedom case. I noticed they assigned two reporters, perhaps sensitive to my charge of bias in their most recent coverage. I think this is a far more journalistically neutral and even-handed piece of reportage.


“I would be disingenuous if I said I were not disappointed,” [Dr Norman G.] Finkelstein said.

“On the other hand, both of my parents survived the Nazi death camps. Growing up, what I remembered most was my late mother used to say, ‘Some people are beasts, and there’s nothing to be done with them. But what about the silence of everyone else? That I cannot understand.’ Those were thoughts that left a deep mark on me.”

Finkelstein has a year left at DePaul. “I met the standards of tenure DePaul required, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the political opposition to my speaking out on the Israel-Palestine conflict,” he said.

“As it happens, I was just this past week teaching about Paul Robeson in my political science class. When Robeson was crucified for his beliefs, he said, ‘I will not retreat one-thousandth part of one inch.’ That’s what I say to the thugs and hoodlums who are trying to silence me. They don’t want to talk about what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. So they make Norman Finkelstein the issue.”

I learned of this article from a link on College Freedom. I wonder who was the original source for the Sun-Times article?

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