InsiderHigherEd Scott Jaschik Interviewed Professor Kirstein on Finkelstein Case

InsiderHigherEd which always gives appropriate attribution to its sources, covered the just concluded annual meeting of the American Association of University Professors in Washington, D.C. I was interviewed by Mr Jaschik on the Norman G. Finkelstein case and I believe there will be a major article on the controversy in tomorrow’s online edition.

During my interview, we were joined by Dr Cary Nelson, president of the A.A.U.P. who was subsequently interviewed by Mr Jaschik. I believe the Finkelstein case is, perhaps, the most important academic freedom case since the McCarthy Era and I hope both the academic and national press covers it with due diligence. Besides the obvious notoriety of the professor, I think from a standpoint of public policy and the invigoration of our democracy, the decision to deny tenure is unusually significant with reverberations that will be felt far beyond the Chicago North Side university at DePaul.

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