MP3 Version of Kirstein Remarks at Loretta Capeheart Northeastern Illinois University Teach-in

Free Speech Under Attack – From Wisconsin to NEIU Segment: 5

‎Click on either the headset, if browser is Explorer, or mp3 link for Podcast of my remarks at antiwar, academic freedom forum at Northeastern Illinois University on April 26, 2011.
This is a link to the printed, expanded version of my remarks.
Program Information
The Crisis of Academic Freedom
Professor L. Capeheart,John K. Wilson, Sarah Smith, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Peter N. Kirstein
Dale Lehman/WZRD
For non-profit use only.
No Advisories – program content screened and verified.
The Committee for Academic Justice – NEIU
In 2007, Loretta Capeheart, a professor of Justice Studies at Northeastern Illinois University, was denied elected appointment to the position of Chair of her department. It became clear that the NEIU administration had targeted Capeheart for her outspokenness for workers’ rights, against the Iraq war, and for increased representation of minority scholars at NEIU. Capeheart sued NEIU for violating her constitutional right to free speech but her case was dismissed in US District Court last fall. The judges’ overly expansive and poorly conceived decision was based on Garcetti v. Ceballos. But the decision was overturned on April 14 by the 4th Circuit court in the case of North Carolina professor Mike Adams. Capeheart’s case is at the center of a nationwide attack on free speech and independent thought organized by right wing pundits like David Horowitz and Glen Beck. The featured speakers add their experiences in the fight to retain their right to speak their mind and to speak truth to power. The recent victory indicates that now is the time to build the fight to defend all academics facing legal repression and FBI harassment.

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