Professor Kirstein Blog Cited Several Times in The Guardian to Counter Professor Dershowitz’s Egregious Charges Against Dr Finkelstein

The Guardian posted a comment of Alan Dershowitz in response to a DePaul professor, Matthew Abraham. Several of the comments referred to the seminal Political Science Department’s Personnel Committee’s report that I had posted. It conducted an exhaustive review of Professor Finkelstein’s research and determined it had not violated any professional guideliens that would sustain the Dershowitz, Novick and Goldhagen charges of misconduct or dishonesty. This report was strangely ignored by the president and their P.R. department in their respective letter and press release.

DePaul Professor Abraham Who Commented on Academic Freedom Controversy. Several of the comments under his commentary also referred to my blog. Photo courtesy of The Guardian.
Comment No. 639464
June 15 1:41
The final results of the DePaul University Department of Political Science Personnel Committee investigation into the materials provided by Dershowitz can be found here:

The stuff on the cartoon is at the end.
“Isn’t it interesting how in David’s mind though it’s Jew’s?”
That was really why I responded…

What would I do if it were my family?
I’d crush their testicles myself. But, hard cases make for bad law… So, I disagree with D. on this matter completely – to be fair, he only discusses this in a “ticking bomb” situation -I still disagree.

Comment No. 639792
June 15 8:54
“The academic process worked as intended and found D meritorious and F lacking.”
Do you have some evidence to support this claim? Is there a statement by the faculty or heads of DePaul making comment on the quality of Dershowitz’ claims/studies/whatever
To the best of my knowledge, the only investigation performed by the faulty of DePaul wrt any claims made by Dershowitz found them to be unsubstantiated:

BTW. I’m still waiting for you to substantiate your claims that I am “anti-Israelis” and “anti-Israel.” Thanks in advance.

Comment No. 640284
June 15 12:30
Great Britain
Following up from foginchannel’s post: the claims made here and elsewhere by Dershowitz (and by Goldhagen and Novick) were investigated in great scholarly detail by the De Paul Political Science Committee. Their report can be read here – . I recommend everyone posting to this thread to take a look at this. As foginchannel asks, can we have some detailed criticisms of precisely what is erroneous in Finkelstein’s scholarly work before making claims that such things exist?

I would also recommend to anyone to look at both Dershowitz’s ‘The Case for Israel’ and Finkelstein’s ‘Beyond Chutzpah’ and do what I did, go through the former annotating it in light of the information bequeathed by the latter. And if anyone thinks the latter uses its sources wrongly, please provide evidence.

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