Dr Ayman Al-Zawahiri June 2011 YouTube Video Removed and Censored by the Militarists

In the land of censorship and faux democracy, Amerika, they have presumably removed the YouTube video of Dr Zawahri concerning the death of Sheikh Usama Bin Laden that I had posted earlier. At least when I returned to Aljazeera the link was removed. Whether Aljazeera removed it or “other western agencies” the result is the same: repression, oppression in the name of “national security.” So I am left with a mere image allowed by the thought police in the United States but those who saw my earlier posting, had at least a brief opportunity to determine for themselves the efficacy of the physician’s remarks in the wake of the bedroom killings in Pakistan on May 2, 2011.

This was the link from YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7X1ojl0DDI. Go to it and you will see their predictable arbitrary reference to violating “their terms of service.” Meaning if you are not white, are not part of the empire, are daring to challenge the hyperpower, are attempting to decolonise a region populated by American and Zionist forces (in Palestine), one violates “their terms of service.” This is what happens under capitalism–money trumps ethics, public pressures to conform trumps honour and we are confronted by a non-smiley face at the YouTube link!

Remember the police-state no universal health-insurance America wanted to prosecute Wikileaks under the draconian Sedition Act of 1917 that silenced antiwar speech during the Great War. Who won the Cold War? The military-industrial complex not the people! The Free World? Is that right, the Free World?

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