William J. Bennett: Racist and Hypocritical Gambler, but should not be Silenced

William Bennett is typical of the elite power structure in this country. He is a virulent racist and is a disgrace to himself and his country. Here is the NYT story on his comments on abortion and the crime rate. Note this unAmerican bigot states that when suggesting that aborting blacks would reduce the crime rate, he defends himself by referring to it as “morally reprehensible.” He is a liar. What he said was it would be reprehensible to abort African-Americans as a method of reducing the crime rate. He did not disavow his thesis that if abortions were to be assessed in terms of crime and punishment, aborting African-Americans would reduce the crime rate. What he condemned was reducing the crime rate in that manner. The thesis that America’s social and moral problems are caused by minorities and that African-Americans are the primary cause of crime is racist, insensitive and demeaning. I support the aborting of all white fetuses: maybe it would reduce the incidence of war, WHITE-collar crime, the death penalty, anti-equality and possibly racist Chief Justices such as John Roberts, apartheid, Jim Crow, child pornography, neoconservatism and developing weapons of mass destruction. Let us prevent the birthing of whites and this land will be your land and our land and wonderland!!

I had an earlier post on Abortion and Crime and am glad I anticipated this discussion. I believe abortions do reduce the crime rate but to state that aborting African Americans would cause a reduction is racist and ignores the challenges of an oppressed underclass that journeyed from slavery to Jim Crow, to below sea level in New Orleans .

Secretary Bennett was appointed by President Reagan as chairperson of the National Endowment of the Humanities, 1981-1985 and as Secretary of Education, 1985-1988. He also served as Drug Czar under Bush I. He has written a variety of books about American morals. He was a regular on Meet the Press, Face the Nation and This Week as he would harangue against the debauchery and evil-liberal promiscuity ravaging the land. Then it was discovered this hypocrite would run off to Vegas, bet poker or whatever all night and drop $100,000s of dollars. This ramblin’ gambler can do what he wants with his millions. I could care less. But to preach ethics and pretend you are the apotheosis of propriety while spewing intolerance against the vulnerable, while being a racist and an all night compulsive gambler, is despicable.

Give credit where credit is due. The Bush administration, as they did with Senator Trent Lott’s racist endorsement of segregation and Senator Strom Thurmond’s racist Dixiecrat bid for the White House in 1948, has also distanced itself from this scoundrel’s comments. Good for the Bush White House!!

Mr Bennett has a radio programme and there are already demands for his removal and/or suspension. I am opposed to banishment. I believe he should not be driven from the airways for unpopular or racialist speech. He should be allowed to continue his broadcasting career. America is strengthened when speech is protected, when those who engage in controversial speech are not silenced. I am consistent here. I had no problem with the national uproar I caused over an e-mail. I am tough and can parry the thought police as they unleashed a censorious national e-mail attack. People are entitled to declaim against my utterances. Yet when suspensions or other sanctions result from speech, this diminishes the quality of freedom in our country and moves us down the slippery slope of censorship. No, Secretary Bennett should not be suspended or fired from his position. I disagree with Wade Henderson, executive director of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, for advocating this. That is not the way to challenge or confront divisive and sadistic speech. Let his voice be heard and condemned. Not silenced.

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