Remember Iran Air Flight 655 and U.S. War Crimes: July 3, 1988

This is the nineteenth anniversary of the criminal United States destruction of an Iran Air passenger liner. The United States deliberately and without provocation slaughtered 290 innocent passengers aboard an Iranian commercial aircraft. Oh sure we hear about Lockerbee, the 9/11 air raids and Iran daring to contain the hyperpower, that invaded Iraq, as Adolph Hitler did with Poland in 1939. All the suffering of innocents we ascribe to other nations that are called evil empires, or axis of evil and other insulting and provocative names.

The U.S.S. Vincennes, which aggressively patrolled the Persian Gulf as if it were its own territory, fired one missile and deliberately destroyed, in an act of terrorism, this passenger, civilian aircraft. No aircraft were descending toward the ship; there were no active measures taken by Iran that could justify a Fog of War scenario. A single missile was launched and mass murder occurred. The U.S. initially lied, shocking is not that, and said the Airbus-similar designed aircraft was at 7000 feet and heading toward the ship. The murderers then revised this cowardly excuse and stated it was human error. The bully, the great superpower, the great destroyer, is always at the quick to spew out disinformation. When caught lying, as in Haditha or Abu Ghraib etc. it might make a concessionary statement and then if really forced, launch an inquiry in which some military inspector general or prime time TV N.C.I.S. unit investigates itself!!

A special condemnation is reserved for war criminal U.S. Navy Capt. Will C. Rogers III, the skipper of the ship. He should have been court-martialed and sent to prison for life but instead he retired in 1991 and, of course, his crew received medals. You bet. War medals are really not for the individuals but to maintain the belief that killing other humans is an exercise that should be awarded and praised.

It is true there was tension in the Gulf in which America had flagged Kuwaiti oil tankers so the profligate U.S. could get its fix of petrol to run its large cars, NASCAR stock races, and fill up that absurd U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Yet did the killers on the Vincennes really believe the lumbering aircraft was a fighter plane?? It is like confusing a battleship with a frigate, or perhaps more accurately with a yacht. It stretches incredulity how that crew could have felt threatened.

As the U.S. gears up for another Bush war against Iran, it might do well to think of the aggression the former has committed against the latter. Iran can hardly be expected to be a passive onlooker as its neighbor Iraq is being destroyed by the western invaders. The U.S. vice-president is leading the charge for more military action in the Middle East. Senator Joseph Lieberman, “Independent Democrat” of Connecticut, is also part of this gang that detests Muslims and relishes their slaughter in the name of an imaginary war against terrorism and our monstrous, indiscriminate support of our joint occupier of Muslim land, Israel.

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