A Difference Between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton: A Willingness to Talk to Our Adversaries

During the Democratic presidential Charleston debate last night at The Citadel, which only recently admitted women I might add, Senator Barack Obama stated he would meet with the leaders of nations with which the U.S. has antagonistic relationships. These include Cuba, North Korea (D.P.R.K.), Venezuela, Iran and Syria. It actually includes dozens more due to the Bush-Clinton quagmire we are currently suffering as the result of the March 19, 2003 invasion of Iraq. Senator Hillary Clinton said she would not promise to meet or explore that possibility for fear of being subjected to propaganda. She is was very forceful in expressing the usual arrogance of America: we want to dominate or rule and not engage in dialogue for that would lessen our power and influence. Yes she did indicate some willingness to assign lower-ranking officials but is playing the Thatcher card very consistently.

Is Senator Clinton Afraid of President Castro?

Is Senator Clinton that insecure and afraid of America’s vulnerability to ideas and principles that would damage our national security interests to meet with a Fidel Castro or a Hugo Chavez or a Kim Jong-il or an Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or a Bashar Al-Asad? The conservative senator is rather traditional and old school. She says she might send an envoy but has a fear of losing control of the agenda and being out foxed by a foreign head of state. While I preferred at least her “agnosticism” on increasing nuclear power as an energy source as opposed to Senator Obama’s apparent willingness to utilise fission-generated energy, I think that the fate of the Earth is better guided by a president who is willing to talk to other human beings. I am concerned that Mrs. Clinton is not committed to progressive internationalism or possesses a sense of global responsibility but remains essentially an orthodox prisoner of the Cold War notion that diplomatic outreach should be carefully circumscribed. Yet as Senator Obama stated, even during the Cold War the U.S. had bilateral talks between heads of state and conducted “summits” with the Soviet Union on a fairly regular basis.

While I am not yet endorsing a candidate on a university-server blog, I am extremely concerned that Sen Clinton would essentially pursue the neo-conservative muscular preemption of the Neo-Cons. After all, she voted for the war and has stood by that decision as the body count approaches 4,000 K.I.A.

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