David Horowitz Accepts St Xavier Speaking Invitation

David Horowitz, editor of Frontpagemag.com, organizer of Students for Academic Freedom, developer of Discoverthenetworks.com has accepted an invitation to exchange views with me on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 700 PM on the campus of St Xavier University in Chicago.

Some details are still being addressed and good faith effort is being shown to satisfy those details but there has been an acceptance of the invitation.

The topic will be “Patriotism and Academia.” This website will give updates on this event. It is my expectation and belief that significant issues concerning patriotism, war and the nature of the academic enterprise will be discussed in an environment of collegiality and professionalism. Mr Horowitz and myself are at opposite sides of the ideological divide, feel strongly about issues of the modern world and have agreed to exchange views on that. That is the America I want to live in. That is the America I respect. That is the America that we are entitled to have: academic freedom, the airing of disparate issues and the right to debate, discuss and advocate positions–even when controversial. Yes even when controversial without suspensions, reprimands, censorship, persecution, silencing and bullying. I dedicate myself to open discussion with all persons.

This is a link to a debate I participated in with Victor Davis Hanson and other distinguished panelists on Mr Horowitz’s magazine. I urge all to read it and think about the war and mass murder being conducted today in our name. Peace!! Peace now!!

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