Transcript: Professor Kirstein Iran TV interview: August 13, 2007

Jame Jam 2 TV, Islam Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

I was interviewed again on Iran television, Jame Jam, “Kankesh” programme on August 13, 2007. The topic was the United States image in the world today. These are my remarks as transcribed from a videocasette. I hope to ultimately post both of my broadcasts on the Internet and am in the process of exploring that avenue. The interview was conducted in Chicago this Spring and has recently begun to air. It is easy to kill people in distant lands but communication and dialogue are more constructive and ethical. I will not hesitate to engage in dialogue with entities that are considered adversaries of the United States. Peace is not merely an abstract concept; it requires both national and individual acts of reconciliation and dialogue. I intend to continue such actions if they do not contravene my ethical principles, if I am accurately represented in what I say and if I construe the topic as one in which I have expertise.

These were my televised comments:

“We [United States] do not know what international comity is. We violate Security Council resolutions. We violate international treaties. We are an outlaw nation and all we do is claim, well Hamas is terrorist; Hezbollah is terrorist; North Korea has violated this agreement, Iraq under Saddam. So we go around and we claim that this resolution has been violated. It is almost, it makes almost a mockery of international relations.

“And finally I would say. I never thought I would see this day but the United States is really, indeed construed as a pariah state now. Most of the world sees the United States as a negative impact on international affairs. It is astonishing. It is unbelievable. It is one of the most remarkable developments. I’m not glad to see it. I’m sorry to see it but the United States reputation in the world now is much closer to the reality than it’s ever been before. It’s over. It’s over when the United States can simply anticipate that the rest of the world is going to admire it.

“We’ve killed too many people and finally the world is beginning to recognise that not only do we kill people. Not only do we kill people. They’re beginning to see. In Vietnam they were close to seeing it, but now they are seeing Iraq was a war that did not need to be fought. It was a completely elective war. There was no reason to fight that war and so whether or not this will modify our behaviour I don’t know.”

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