Is Norman Finkelstein Being Prevented From Teaching at DePaul?

This e-mail would appear to confirm that DePaul has canceled one of Dr Finkelstein’s classes. Another website is alleging that all of his courses have been canceled. It would seem to suggest that DePaul’s administration is riven by fear and is attempting to cleanse itself of dissenting voices that dare question the status quo in either Palestine or at DePaul. These actions of course cancelation and office expulsion are symptomatic of a misunderstanding of what a university’s mission is: To advance critical thinking, to respect academic freedom, to protect the rights and freedoms of students and to provide a quality education that may even contravene the insular vision of an administration. These actions are damaging to Dr Finkelstein, his students and DePaul University in general and should be denounced for their arbitrariness, cruelty and possible violations of employment law. They may also violate A.A.U.P. “Redbook” guidelines on one-year termination notice at the end of a probationary period.

From: RHONOLD[at]
Date: August 24, 2007 11:41:30 AM CDT
Subject: course cancellation: PSC 235

Political Science 235, section 101, “Equality and Social Justice,” for the autumn quarter 2007-8, has been cancelled. You have been dropped from the course.

I will work with you to make sure that your academic progress is not impeded in any way by this regrettable development. Please contact me directly if you need assistance getting rescheduled for a suitable substitute course.


Randall Honold, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Instructor of Philosophy
Institute for Nature & Culture
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
DePaul University
990 West Fullerton Avenue
Suite 4400
Chicago, Illinois 60614
773-325-4928 (phone)
773-325-4781 (fax)

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