Just War: Iraq #1 “War As A Last Resort”

One of the requisites of Just War is that war should eventuate only as a last resort. In the case of Iraq, Hans Blix’s inspectors were still doing their work. They were encountering little resistance. While certainly inspectors could not have proven beyond doubt that WMD did not exist in Iraq, they were clearly able for example to determine if there were nuclear reactors, if there were uranium enrichment, if plutonium reprocessing was taking place, if there were gaseous diffusion or centrifuge technology that had reached an operational status in Iraq.

The Bush administration seemed impatient to have this war. It appeared to directly reflect neoconservative unilateralism in which war is America’s option and there should be little or no regard to international law, international comity and the rules of war. The United Nations should have been required to sanction U.S. permission to invade Iraq through its Security Council prior to the outbreak of hostilities. Such was not the case and with a preventive war, not requiring an immediate response in what was basically an elective war, the absence of approval should have precluded hostilities.

I believe the US must not act in such a unilateralist manner. It brings shame and disgrace to this nation, the institution of the military that wages an immoral war and lessens this nation’s capacity to look beyond military might as a means of interacting with the international community.

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