The Dishonour of S.I.U. Chairperson of the Board of Trustees: Roger Tedrick and the Glenn Poshard Scandal

Former Congressperson Glenn Poshard, president of Southern Illinois University (Carbondale and Edwardsville) falsified his doctoral dissertation and has fraudulently used his “stolen” Ph.D. to advance his political and academic career at public expense. The Edwardsville Intelligencer reported that Roger Tedrick stated:

“For the past several months the board has been aware of the possibility that these assertions could be forthcoming as part of a lawsuit filed by a former employee,” Tedrick said. “Although we take any allegations of this nature seriously, we believe this has less to do with what happened 24 years ago and more to do with the current litigation. This Board remains fully supportive of the President and wishes him and the Southern Illinois University community to focus their collective energies on moving the institution forward.”

The Plagiarist: President of S.I.U. Glenn Poshard

A professor Chris Dussold was fired from lifting a teaching statement from another professor and incorporating it, without attribution, into his tenure application file. This is certainly dishonest in that Professor Dussold was using someone else’s statement as his own formulation of his pedagogy that he was presenting to influence the tenure-review process. This was not a publication per se but it certainly crossed the line of ethical propriety in which he used another’s writings as his own to advance his career. He is suing the university and the former professor of finance is now teaching at McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois.

A group called Alumni and Faculty Against Corruption at S.I.U. has apparently been vetting the scholarship and speeches of senior-level administrators in order to identify similar actions of academic misconduct. They identified a plagiarised speech of former S.I.U.-Carbondale chancellor, Walker V. Wendler, are you listening Senator Joseph Biden?, and he left the university. Apparently, this heroic group knows that administrators frequently wield the sword to smite evil despite their own glass houses. Chairperson Tedrick, in defending his discredited, fake president, is alleging it is not the result of uncovering plagiarism but the motivation of the search for plagirarism which is the true transgression. That is hard to square with basic tenets of honour and decency. Mr Tedrick should be grateful that a dedicated group of citizens is doing his job: rooting out academic corruption and unethical conduct at senior levels of the S.I.U. system.

In the Ward Churchill matter, I was critical of the REASONS for the investigation of his alleged scholarly misconduct: namely it was a “gotcha” hunt based upon the professor’s writings on the September 11 aerial attacks over New York. Yet I also stated that I felt the arguments by other independent analysts that inappropriate and unprofessional methods were used in the vetting of Mr Churchill’s research, were sufficient to question the degree of academic misconduct and the recommended punishment. Actually suspension not expulsion was ultimately recommended which was exceeded by both President Hank Brown and the C.U. Regents. In Mr Poshard’s case, he has conceded “mistakes” were made. I have seen NO evidence that he did NOT cheat on his doctoral dissertation and that the lifting of entire pages of other sources without quotation marks and apparently on occasion without citations did NOT occur.

Therefore, Chairperson Tedrick should be condemned for supporting an academic impostor who cheated to get his doctor of philosophy degree. The issue for S.I.U. and the academy is not why some entity decided to scrutinise a $300,000 a year university president’s past academic crimes, but to deal swiftly and honourably in dismissing a university president who occupiees a position that he did not earn and that he falsely holds.

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