Scott Jaschik Links Photos on DePaul University Convocation; Relevance to President Poshard Scandal at S.I.U.

InsideHigherEd has covered the latest developments in the Norman G. Finkelstein tenure case at DePaul. Last Friday at their fall convocation, there was an outpouring of support for academic freedom, Vincentian values and the granting of tenure to Dr Finkelstein. This post was linked by InsideHigherEd that has broken many stories on this continuous saga at DePaul University.

Without crossing wires, it strikes me as all too common in academia where a professor such as Norman Finkelstein is ideologically cleansed from DePaul due to disagreement over his style of research and a fraud such as Glenn Poshard, president of Southern Illinois University, maintains a $300,000 a year job despite having plagiarized his dissertation in which “14 sections of Poshard’s dissertation has text taken verbatim from other sources without citing them. It also has 16 sections taken word for word from other texts, and they are cited but do not have quotation marks.” He essentially stole his degree. Why does he retain the levers of power and a Dr Finkelstein, of whom no one claimed had committed research misconduct, is fired? It is this injustice, this disparity in power, this obscene state of affairs in academia that must be exposed and attacked with fervour, robustness and resolve. Again I recognize these are two separate incidents on two Illinois campuses but there is a “class” analysis that trascends specific events.

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