InsideHigherEd’s Scott Jaschik Links Post on Chicago Tribune Finkelsten Article

InsideHigherEd summarised the Middle East Studies Association’s repeated efforts to prevent the evisceration of academic freedom in the Norman G. Finkelsein tenure debacle and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ censorship of University of Chicago professor John J. Mearsheimer and Harvard Kennedy School’s Stephen M. Walt. They withdrew an earlier invitation to speak out of fear it may upset partisans of Israel. Such is the state of academia and our vital democracy. Their new monograph is The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, which is an expansion of a pioneer work that was originally published in Britain.

I had written a critique of Ron Grossman’s Sunday Chicago Tribune article on alleged misconduct that DePaul claims was the reason for their suspension of Dr Norman G. Finkelstein during his terminal-contract year at DePaul. I appreciate InsiderHigherEd linking that analysis which I believe was fair to all parties despite my previous condemnations of the DePaul administration.

Connecting the dots: Dr Finkelstein publishes research that breaks the taboo canon of Israel-Palestinian analysis and the commercialisation of the holocaust. Professors Mearsheimer and Walt explore the unwarranted influence of the Israel Lobby on American foreign policy and carefully posit the thesis that there is not a natural identity of interests between Israel and the United States. Juan Cole a world authority on the Middle East is blacklisted just prior to receiving an appointment at Yale. The struggle continues for academic freedom, the free exchange of ideas and the alleviation of those suffering under 21st century apartheid and colonisation.

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