Settlement or Not: These Brilliant Dr Norman G. Finkelstein Books Cannot be BURNED or Author Silenced

DePaul University: “Professor Finkelstein is a prolific scholar and an outstanding teacher.”

The “reality” is in the United States of America there is only the canon that confers honours on its partisans. Dr Finkelstein was determined to present a dissenting voice and I stand by this hero and others who will not yield to the elite conformity of entrenched interests who purvey the ideology of extreme nationalism. Professor Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School, is a man of hate who was able to deny a person tenure in a campaign of vilification and destruction that was unprofessional, unwarranted and lacking any sense of mercy and humility.

Beyond Chutzpah is on my reading list for Senior Seminar: War, Free Speech, Academic Freedom. I had invited Dr Finkelstein to visit the class when I thought he would still be a member of DePaul’s faculty. He cautioned me that he might not be living here then.

Higher education and academia is on trial as we ban topics such as Israel, the Holocaust and the Palestinians from scholarly scrutiny that engages in critical thinking and analytical revisionism.

This could be an autobiography of a brilliant scholar who defied the canon in the pursuit of JUSTICE. He defended the rights of the weak and vulnerable and was driven from a university too fearful of the truth and intellectual diversity.

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