Occupy Wall Street Spreading Throughout Impoverished Nation: Washington, DC Report

I visited the Occupy DC encampment in McPherson Square. It was most edifying. Guitar playing, socialist literature, well-reasoned and impressive protestors. There were dozens of tents and signs in the year of protest against the oppressive, vicious class war against the middle and working classes. “Class War: They Started It” is a poster that is so true. I was struck by some comparisons and contrasts between the Occupy DC and Chicago human rights struggle.

Chicago’s is somewhat more diverse in terms of ethnicity and social class. DC was more reminiscent of the 1960s with its grad student, college educated, professorial manner. I was engaging with the DC Occupiers discussions about socialist literature, the perils of job placement after college and the challenges of academic freedom for progressive faculty.

DC is somewhat more in your face, however, than Chicago where police brutality under the Obama acolyte Rahm Emmanuel is an everday happening. The numbers in Chicago have diminished as the weather has become less austral. No Grant Park sleep-ins. No Linclon Park sleep-ins. While in DC there was concern of forcible evictions, I noted they were two blocks from the White House and a “liberal” president would probably not want to antagonise his base with idealistic youth being attacked and evicted from a park. McPherson Square when I visited on Saturday, November 12, 2011 was clean, orderly, quiet and peaceful. I did not see any reason for the First Amendment to be violated with “the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”

Most of the liberators are in the beginning of their careers and they know that the America of pledging allegiances and stupid moronic playings of the national anthem are not the America of reality: class war against the majority; death penalty against people of colour; Wall Street and LaSalle Street hooliganism; a FOX news endless stream of anti-American, anti-people hatred and vitriol. They know the powerful will use excuses to stop the revolution because they want the power and the insider trading. They are accustomed in convincing the people that we are the best this and richest that and the most FREE as they steal the nation’s diminishing resources for themselves and their hedge-fund managers.

Democracy has to come from the streets. Freedom has to erupt from the people.The power elite that runs this country and sends its women and men to fight war after war have a game that maybe they will be forced to stop playing. Arise, Arise and Take This Country Back for the common people, the good people who want merely to have a life with a job, a future, health care and a pension. This is what the power elite is determined to deny because they despise and mock the people and want this nation all for themselves. We will fight that non-violently but ultimately the country cannot remain stable with such economic and social inequality.

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