Chicago Tribune Calls for Dismissal of S.I.U. Disgraced President Glenn Poshard

This is a link to Friday’s editorial in the Chicago Tribune calling for this disgrace to academia, Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard, to resign his position. Excerpts from editorial:

“Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard has a simple plan to placate the nitpickers who are troubled by passages in his doctoral thesis that appear to have been lifted from other sources. He wants a do-over.

“And it’s an egregious and unforgivable offense for a university president, of all people. Poshard should step down.

“(Though let’s be honest: his most important qualifications were that he had political influence and knew how to play the game in Illinois. He could draw state funds to SIU.)

“An SIU student who commits plagiarism — defined in the code of conduct as “representing the work of another as one’s own work” — faces sanctions ranging from a failing grade to expulsion. Faculty members can be fired or disciplined. Last year, Poshard named a task force to come up with a clear definition of plagiarism in response to a rash of complaints against teachers and administrators.”

Note: Glenn Poshard has stated he did not know he was committing plagiarism when he was a graduate student faking BOTH his masters and doctoral theses. I wonder if he knew subsequent to his days as a student at S.I.U. that this was wrong. As a university president, presumably he acquired the knowledge since two of his chancellors were exposed as plagiarists in both speeches and strategic review reports, and a faculty member was fired for lifting a teaching philosophy statement and incorporating it within a tenure-review dossier. I would think that Mr Poshard would have reported himself for having committed serious fraud and academic dishonesty. Perhaps this impostor could have said: “I realise when I was a graduate student I committed plagiarism. I am reporting this at this time based upon my current knowledge of acceptable academic research. I clearly committed grave acts of plagiarism, and even though I thought it was appropriate then, I know now it was wrong. I therefore resign as president.” Even had he been dissembling, at least there would appear to be a shred of honesty and honour in this disgraceful academic figure.

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