Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Leaves for New York

This is the report from Iran sources on his journey to America and the United Nations’s General Assembly fall session.

I find it interesting that “liberals” who persecuted Dr Norman Finkelstein, Dr El Haj, Dr Juan Cole, Drs Mearsheimer and Walt for addressing Israeli transgressions and advocating a reassessment of the Israeli-American “strategic” partnership, are either shunning or demanding that the dynamic Iranian leader be prevented from speaking at Columbia University.

I also thought it was disgraceful that a gesture of reconciliation was rebuffed by partisans of hate and war. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wanted to visit the site of the former World Trade Center and lay a wreath for the approximately 2800 individuals that died at that location. American jihadists such as Senator Hillary Clinton–who Tim Russert exposed today on Meet the Press as constantly changing her position on the Iraq war–supported rebuffing this significant world leader’s expression of sympathy and reconciliation. She averred, like other partisans of a war between civilisations, that “Ground Zero” is sacred space.

It is a gutted piece of undeveloped real estate where two large office structures crashed to the ground on September 11, 2001. They crashed because of an ongoing war between the United States and Islam. The war did not begin on September 11; it merely represemted a new front in a sensational and shocking manner. Consecrating that soil does not mean exclusion or barring visitors from adversarial regimes, but using that symbol of death and destruction to reconsider the United States relationship to Israel and its support of Arab autocracies such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. If September 11 represented anything, it confirmed that our policies of denying Palestinians self-determination and attempting to create an American hegemony in the region are deeply resented. Although Iran was not involved in the attacks on New York or Washington, D.C., it is a major player in the region.

The road to peace is paved with reconciliation, respect and a willingness to give American audiences exposure to disparate views and cultures. May we welcome with open arms, but recognising our differences, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from Iran. Happy Ramadan to the Iranian people to whom I pray are not exterminated by General[s] Betray Us in another war of imperialism, racism and aggressive unilateralism.

Professor Kirstein interview on Iran Television:

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