Professor Peter N. Kirstein Iran Television Interview on YouTube

This video is posted on YouTube which contains two excerpts of commentary on the Israel-Lebanon War of July-August 2006 and United States imperialism. The interview took place in Chicago, Illinois in March 2007 and the tape was sent to London and then to Tehran, Iran. Subtitles were added and the video appeared on two public affairs programmes on July 23 and August 13, 2007 on Jame Jam television from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I had stated in the interview but it did not appear in the broadcast excerpt that Richard Cohen, Washington Post columnist, had written last July that the creation of a Jewish state in the middle of the Arab world was a “mistake” and that it has triggered an ongong conflict stretching into two centuries. I also said elsewhere on the original tape that I supported a two-state solution and the right of Israel to live within secure borders.

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