Israel Slaughter of American Sailors on U.S.S. Liberty Finally Proven by Chicago Tribune

While most have known that the destruction by Israel of the U.S.S. Liberty in the Eastern Mediterranean during the 1967 Israel-Arab Six-Day War, was a deliberate act of terrorism, John Crewdson has painstakingly reconstructed the event and concluded that this slaughter was covered-up by both the United States and Israeli governments. He presents information that shows the American flag was easily seen by Israeli pilots, that the ship had been identified as an American communications ship and was methodically attacked by air and sea on June 8, 1967. The defenceless ship was attacked by machine guns, 30 mm cannon, and with weapons of mass destruction such as NAPALM. As its crew were writhing in agony and lives were ending, it was struck by an Israeli torpedo in order to finish the job.

Insignia of U.S.S. Liberty (AGTR-5)

John Crewdson is a veteran investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune. He has a dream assignment of not having to file daily dispatches or adhere to deadlines. He is given freedom to carefully, and methodically investigate an issue. Sometimes I wonder if he is still in the employ of the paper, when all of a sudden a magisterial and frankly wondrous piece of journalistic reportage appears. While I am sure it will not occur, I believe a Pulitzer Prize should be awarded for these revelations this morning.

U.S.S. Liberty

For those who claim that the left does not support the troops because of its opposition to war, it might behoove them to realise it is the elites who dispatch our men and women to die in battle or in this case participate in a monstrous cover-up of state terrorism directed against U.S. interests. Here you have a savage attack on brave and young American military personnel, and presumably for purposes of politics and not wanting to alienate the Israel lobby, premeditated attacks against our military personnel are simply ignored, covered up and dismissed.

Shame on Israel for this murder. I do not believe its reparations of $6.7 million to the injured survivors will bring back the thirty-four dead seapersons, and the $6 million paid to restore the ship will not end the agony or heal the lingering post-traumatic stress disorders of the survivors. It is not enough to apologise or claim faulty intelligence. There should be war crimes trials and significant reassessment of the strategic relationship between the two great colonisers of Arab land. What is fair is fair. No country which is not attacked and is not threatened by American imperialism or military action should be allowed to murder our brave military personnel with virtual impunity. I am ashamed of this incident but so proud to live in Chicago where this brilliant article appeared today with beautiful graphics and tables in the hard-copy edition.

While the Tribune has drifted toward a staunchly pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian editorial posture in recent years, it should be credited with journalistic courage in allowing Mr Crewdson to investigate and publish this article. I am sure there will be a firestorm of demands for censorship and efforts to degrade the independence of the paper, which is being taken private by real estate tycoon Sam Zell, but they know they have a first-rate reporter and are willing to trust him with this controversial topic of the attack of the U.S.S. Liberty.

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