Just War: Iraq #5 “Right Intentions”

This component of Just War doctrine, as initially developed in the 4th Century, After the Common Era, is similar to Just Cause as articulated in the series of Jus Ad Bellum requirements as enunciated below.

During the conflict, there must be a pursuit of peace and reconciliation. Instead we have scorched earth policies where a city, yes a city, like Falluja is destroyed. If we respected life; if we respected the religion of Islam; if we respected the Sunni variant of Islam, we never would have done that. The ongoing campaigns which have now crossed into Syria, suggest an approach to peace and reconciliation that is contemptuous. Despite the Vietnam template, American imperialist forces are attempting to defeat a growing, confident insurgency through military means. Only withdrawal of imperialist forces, the arrest and trial of Mr Bush and the sentencing to life in prison of his fellow perpetrators, the removal of all imperialist bases, the gutting of the provocative “Green Zone” and a U.N. trusteeship or direct peacekeeping involvement can begin the process of disengagement and the “Right Intention” of ending this imperialist crusade.

Right Intentions also includes the avoidance of imposing unreasonable conditions on the “enemy.” These must be avoided. I do not know what conditions the Americans are articulating as an exit strategy. It appears to be unconditional surrender in which breaking the back of the Sunni and foreign fighter insurgency is the rule of engagement.

The U.S. sham elections in Iraq which we orchestrated; the constitution which the U.S. wrote and approved; the series of endless elections–the next one in December to elect a new government under the Constitution–are not Right Intentions but a colonialist attempt to dictate the political processes of a fiefdom. They are figleafs of American imperialism in which we will continue to dictate Iraqi affairs.

The country will split in three parts. The U.S. should not attempt to prevent that. A Kurdistan in the North; a Shi’a area under its various militias in the South; and possibly a barren desert dominant Sunni center without natural raw materials such as petrol seems to be its destiny. The only Right Intention of the U.S. should be withdrawal and empowering the Iraqi people to engage in real self-determination.

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