Nuclear Tension: Israel v Iran and the US Anti-Muslim Bias

Isarel does not get it. A proclaimed Jewish state with 25% of its citizens of Muslim faith is so antithetical to the American way of life, that one wonders why the “Israeli Exception” is tolerated. The US denounces terrrorism but looks the other way if not actually endorsing the likely Israeli killing of five Iranian nuclear physicists. Again the “Israeli Exception” is tolerated.

The US proclaims itself to be the world enforcer against nuclear proliferation, yet has never denounced Israel or even publicly acknowledged that Israel possesses nuclear weapons. It ignores Israel’s outlaw, pariah status as a non-endorser of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968 and yet is willing to starve out Iran and reduce it to penury under the escalating sanctions. A Jewish fission weapon is acceptable in the Middle East but a Muslim atomic bomb is not. Again, the “Israel Exception.”

The attacks on Israeli interests in India and Georgia may indeed have been orchestrated by Iranian intelligence. I do not know. Yet the American press and in particular the Washington Post, minimise the ongoing illegal, covert war that Israel has initiated against Iran. Unfortunately, nations retaliate when under attack and even more unfortunately, nations such as Israel, only understand force. As the only colonial power left in the western world, as it were, Israel has a stake in a regional nuclear monopoly. It has convinced itself even though its thermonuclear and fission bombs could not be used in a rational manner, that it provides it the ultimate defence if a horde of Islamists descend on Tel Aviv.

The reason why Iran unlike other nations with nuclear ambitions is so fervently opposed in its nuclear developmental programme, is the fear that Israel will not be able to apply force alone in its policy of colonization, expansionism and apartheid. Iran is no angel. They are an autocratic nation. Yet they have the right under the NPT to conduct fission experiments and create an enrichment of U-235 to a higher-grade fuel. They cannot build nuclear weapons but they are allowed to construct nuclear power plants, engage in “peaceful” uses of atomic energy. While it is possible Iran has nuclear ambitions, they do not have a nuclear weapon and the policy of Israeli aggression in its covert war, does not lead to compromise.

The anti-Muslim west needs to comprehend as I do that Iran may construe at some point that it requires nuclear weapons as a deterrent against Israel and the United States. They do not accept the Washington-Tel Aviv alliance as a benign entity but as a murderous, imperial one. Neither do I. The road to peace is not through US toleration of the “Israeli Exception” but instead putting teeth into the Quartet to compel an Israel-Palestinian resolution of borders, water and refugees. The road to peace does not lie in aggressive sanctions against Iran and the ruthless Gestapo-style killing of its civilian scientists, but in area-wide negotiations that would lead to a nuclear-free zone from Turkey to Yemen. No US nukes could be stored in Turkey and all nations including Israel and Iran would have to denuclearise as did South Africa and accept full safeguards under the NPT. Full safeguards means Israel would have to join the NPT and Iran which does allow International Atomic Energy Agency inspections, would have to accelerate its transparency and cooperate more fully. Note Israel does not allow IAEA inspections at Dimona or elsewhere. Iran does allow IAEA inspectors into their nuclear infrastructure but apparently has not declared all facilities open for inspection.

Where are the leaders to bring peace to the region and the world? Where are the women and men of conscience who will say, “The world needs to change. The world deserves better than this! The world needs food and economic uplift not rage and realism and colonial exploitation of darker-skinned people.”

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