Basra: The Soft Underbelly of Iraq

Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a war criminal if there ever was one, resisted the Second Front recommendation of General Eisenhower, General Marshall and other high-ranking U.S. officials. The British wanted the Second Front to concentrate on Italy, which was considered less-heavily fortressed and defended than other areas of Nazi-occupied Europe. Churchill believed an invasion through Italy was preferable to a cross-channel invasion. Josef Stalin, the great Russian (well ok Georigan) war leader who defeated Nazism and won the war, was enraged that the allies were postponing a western front. He saw it as a cynical gesture to increase Russian and Wehrmacht war dead and defer the loss of significant casualties that would invariably occur in an invasion of France and the Low Countries.

Here is a twist. If the British were to decide to withdraw from Iraq and
the Shi’a dominated area of the South, the war would be over. The
United States could not diplomatically or politically maintain its forces in country if the British were to leave. Domestic calls for disengagement would be irresistible. I know the Blair government is resistant to doing this but this might be a quicker way to end the U.S. murder crusade in that widowed land. If the Brits left Iraq, the pressure on the U.S. would be enormous. I do not believe even the neoconservatives could maintain current force levels, about 138,000, if the British left. The entire coalition of the vassals would collapse and the war would be over.

So those of us opposed to state-sponsored terrorism and the miltarisation of the American dream and character, may want to concentrate on the British angle.
1) Boycott British goods.
2) Boycott traveling to the U.K.
3) Work with U.K. peace groups to force the Blair government to end its complicity with the mass murder perpetrated by the Democratic-Republican party.
4)Develop contacts with academics to pursue university disinvestments from British corporations.
5) Don’t drink Beefeater gin! Red wine is preferable anyway for cardiovascular issues! Since many students visit this, I do not believe alcohol should be consumed as medicine nor in an immoderate manner. But let’s put the heat to the Brits to get out of Iraq.

Yes, maybe the road to peace leads from Basra to London. Tails sometimes do wag dogs and since the American government is simply too mesmerised with military force and monopolising key raw material sources, perhaps the Brit withdrawal strategy might be the quickest way to end the carnage and the dishonour.

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