Wall Street Journal Links Blog on Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society Conference

The Wall Street Journal, the newspaper of internationalism, non-preemption and progressive cultural relativism linked my posting on the I.U.S. conference at the weekend. It appears at the bottom of their article. It is curious that the article on professor warriors, who become enamoured with war-fighting doctrine, was written in August but is being updated with blog-related subject matter months afterwards.

I am somewhat embarrassed to concede that I have love and sensate affection for the Wall Street Journal. When I was suspended for a terse antiwar e-mail, the notoriously free-thinking editorial page contained two condemnatory screeds praising my punishment and rejected my attempt to respond. It did, however, print some letters that denounced my suspension–others that supported it–as a violation of academic freedom. Unexpectedly,  there was sufficient opposition to President Richard Yanikoski’s sanctions to induce the Wall Street Journal to issue another editorial defending their initial agreement with my imminent suspension. If one scrolls down to News Coverage About the Controversy, there are various links to the extensive Wall Street Journal coverage of my case.

I am grateful that this illustrious paper, soon to be acquired by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has evolved from trying to terminate my academic career to linking my blog in such a generous manner.

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