Nations to be admired and condemned for being part of the Coalition of the Vassals I

The following nations care about their soldiers and should be admired for removing their troops from Iraq and restoring national honour to their countries.

Dominican Republic
New Zealand

Unfortunately these nations continue to participate in one of the most destructive, immoral, and frankly criminal military adventures in modern history. These nations obviously do not care about their soldiers, about their families and are merely hoping to get some ephemeral benefits from associating with the United States–the leading terrorist and criminal nation in the world today. I hope the soldiers of these countries will lay down their arms and refuse to participate in this outrage.

Also some of these nations have already been attacked by insurgent partisans who resist the occupation of Iraq. Are these nations impervious to the pain and suffering caused by these attacks on everyday people? If the cause were just, then a nation-state should persist in its geo-strategic objectives, but in this case it exemplifies governments who knowingly participate in an imperialistic crusade with a perceived Hegemonic benefactor and ignore the sufferings it causes peoples in Iraq and in their own homeland.

Britain and its 8500 troops.
South Korea and its 3300 troops.
Italy and its 3000 troops.
Poland and its 1500 troops–reductions are anticipated
Ukraine and its 950 troops–slated for departure
Georgia and its 900 troops
Romania and its 863 troops

Others nation-states that have troops in Iraq will be mentioned when I have time to list them.

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