Talking Thanksgiving Day Blues

We are a nation in which 35,500,000 are hungry ranging from short-term to long-term incapacity in satisfying dietary needs in 2006. This number of hunger-challenged Americans increased from 35,100,000 in 2005. About 10% of adults and 13% of children are hungry in a nation that Senatory Hillary Clinton and Mr  George Bush believes should be fighting a terrorist war in Iraq; one voted for it and the other waged it in a manner that has disgraced the criminal, venal behaviour of America. That war has cost over a trillion dollars with no end in sight.

We approach 4000 killed in action or in theatre in Iraq. They have died for nothing in a meaningless war that had nothing to do with “National Security” but everything to do with anti-Muslim rage and a desire for imperialistic domination of adversarial regimes.

We approach 48  million Americans who are without health insurance.

We debate whether undocumented workers should be able to drive legally in the United States which, except for the Native American victims of genocide, is a nation of settlers, colonialists and immigrants. White folks want to close the door after them. A less racist nation would welcome poor, hungry immigrants seeking a better life in a large, wide-open nation that has plenty of room to house, educate and benefit from their labour.

The numbers of homeless is about 1% of the population or approximately 1,350,000. A growing number of veterans, who the warhawks claims are the Greatest Generation and the Pride of America, are in this category of destitute Americans whose residence is the outdoors. The “Vital Center” says one can’t be a patriot if one opposes the Iraq-Vietnam quagmire because they are not supporting the “guardians” of American democracy. Yet the warriors who send others to die display little preoccupation over the soldiers’ fate upon return. It is all about social class. The rich and comfortable wage wars to advance their socio-economic interests and the poor do the fighting and dying and get little in return but metals and a spot of Earth at Arlington.

The richest, most powerful nation in the world has one of the worst human-rights records and among “western” democracies is the least successful in providing a social safety net for its citizens.

The shame of America is its unbridled selfish racism and refusal to spread its bounty to even its own citizens much less other oppressed peoples of the Earth.

Thanksgiving is a farce and a charade because we should not emphasise the nation’s bounty and wealth, but as a result of this monstrous nation’s actions, why so many have so few. The purpose is not to be thankful for what some have but determined to see a radical distribution of the nation’s resources in a manner whereby the ruling elites are brought to account for their policies of blind pursuit of wealth, imperial overstretch and lack of redistributive justice.

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