Iraq President Saddam Hussein: Murdered One Year Ago by US Imperialist Forces

On December 30, 2006, the great liberators, but not quite greeted as such, hung this former president after a show trial of alleged war crimes. While the actors were Shi’a acolytes, the perpetrators of this torture and cruel and inhumane murder were American military forces. Also recall the iconic U.S. military that is praised for doing a “great job” in tearing up and dismembering a much smaller country, murdered his two sons and even a young grandchild in their quest to spread democracy and the glorious Judeo-Christian imperial order to the Islamic world.

As autocratic and imperious as President Hussein was, why did the United States go to war against him? Why would they invade a country that was tangential to the so-called war on terror? Why would a nation that was contained and not an immiment or even possible threat against the vital security interests of the United States be invaded as the nazis did Poland on September 1, 1939? Why would the consensus that “terrorism” needed to be engaged in Afghanistan and in northwestern Wasiristan, Pakistan, have been trumped by this seemingly elective and almost gratuitous war?

The answer is not Blowin’ in the Wind but through the Israel Lobby, the neo-conservative warmongers, the imperial think tanks such as Brookings, American Enterprise and the unseemly Council on Foreign Relations, the Clinton prowar Democratic clique and a frightened public propagandised by the American war machine. 3904 Americans have been killed in action or in theatre and 901 perished in the bloodiest year of the war: 2007. If Saddam is a war criminal, then so are the American politico-military elites that committed this mass murder in the name of the United States.

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