Peace Walk Yesterday at St Xavier University

Here in Chicago it rained most of the day on October 24, 2005. Therefore the peace walk could not roam from location to location. We did make it to the main entrance of the university where there is a rather spacious entrance that is under a roof and open on the sides.

There students read their essays or statements about peace. It was very impressive. Some addressed the Middle East situation in general. Some spoke about the Iraq War. Some addressed domestic relations and how violence or abuse can create havoc within a family. Peace begins at home. In the beginning, there was an interfaith service with Buddhist, Middle Eastern and Christian prayers.

On a rainy afternoon in Chicago, there were scores of persons who participated in this event which was artfully presented due to the primary role that students played.

Those Masters of War, who rule our country, should know that increasingly students are beginning to question the morality and ethics of wars for sport or conquest. Even in the absence of conscription, there is a growing consciousness that the future should not be the slave to a past dominated by power maximising elites and a gratuitous reliance on force by our “betters.”

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