2,000 Killed In Action In Iraq Imperialistic War Crusade

On this date 2,000 Americans have been killed in the Iraq war crime.

42 have been women. This exceeds the numbers in Vietnam and Korea combined.

African-Americans comprise about 17% of the United States Armed Forces and about 10-11% of the Killed In Action (KIA).

Hispanic deaths in this imperialistic and disgraceful war have consumed about 11% of the total casualties.

It pays to be educated. In Vietnam, there were student deferments until the lottery started in 1969, and so there were a disproportionate number of working class men who were killed in that genocidal, My Lai war.

Well 90% of the 2,000 casualties of the Bush-Democratic Party inspired war crusade, have been enlisted personnel. These are non-coms and not officers.

10% of these deaths were officers. Officers either through ROTC or the academies are higher educated and usually are scratchless as their charges end up on a slab in bodybags at Dover. Very few drivers knock on the doors or quarters of families of officers to report their deaths.

2,000 will be 3,000 and then 4,000 unless Americans insist upon a third way. Not the Democratic or Republican way, but the American way. I totally and utterly disassociate myself from a government that sends its troops to die for nothing, then uses their tragic sacrifice, to say more must die to justify the deaths before them.

Cowardly, cynical, amoral leaders will not abandon this war out of hope it will reverse and their reputations will be saved. How can we continue to allow the body count to increase under circumstances where powerful people have no war aims other than personal biography that will justify their tenures? Who are these men and women that govern us? How did they manage to become so wealthy, so powerful, so pampered, so important? Well, they mean nothing to me except a shame, a scourge, a scar and a disgrace to the United States of America

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