Senator John McCain: “Maverick War Hero” is a War Criminal and Possibly Mass Murderer

Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, and presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has also attempted to ride the path to power and influence due to his extremely violent activities as a navy pilot. Mr George W. Bush, who visited Vietnam in November 2006, visited Truch Bach Lake where the senator was apparently shot down in October 1967. His plane had been hit by anti-aircraft artilery–A.A.A.– and after he parachuted to safety, was apprehended and served justifiably five and a half years (1967-1973) as a P.O.W. He flew over twenty immoral bombing missions. What was he doing flying over a nation’s capital city and why did he not have the courage to refuse an unjust order to kill in this manner: To use a plane to bomb power stations which provides basic amenities to citizens and in all likelihood innocent civilians and little children?

Terror Bombing in Vietnam: Tough Guy John McCain Style

Was he bombing civilian areas as the Nazis attacked Rotterdam, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the allies destroyed Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo and Nagasaki? Are we supposed to admire this Arizona warmonger, who opposed a national holiday for Dr Martin Luther King Jr., for flying an aeroplane and dropping bombs in an imperialistic, unjust war? Yes he was following orders and did not make policy but he was an officer and we have the right to assess a major national figure’s record in war in a critical manner.

He should apologise to the Vietnamese for his actions and stop playing on his alleged torture as a P.O.W. I oppose torture and hoped the former pilot did not have to endure such actions, if they indeed happened. I support his recent initiatives, however meekly pursued and non-binding on a criminal, defiant president, to prevent U.S. torture of P.O.W. or enemy combatants.

Senator McCain likes to recount his detention at the Hanoi Hilton, a euphemism for a detention facility in Hanoi for American pilots captured after bombing an innocent people in a developing country that was no threat to the U.S. I am certain American pow were treated no worse than the barbaric transgressions at Abu Ghraib or Guantánamo. There Americans killed pow as well as tortured, freezed, denied food, waterboarded and undressed them. Of course, any mistreatment of prisoners of war, enemy combatants or even “enemy” soldiers should be denounced as cruel and inhumane.

Senator McCain is a figure who has blood on his hands from Vietnam. As a candidate running as a supporter of the murderous surge and the putative slayer against terrorism, Americans should oppose this RACIST senator who slaughtered non-white Asians and now wants a global war against oppresseed, innocent, non-white Muslims. You are not a figure worthy of respect but of condemnation and obloquy

Lesson: Stop war; politicians should desist from campaigning on war records and the glorification of military combat; stop the bestiality of American imperialsim and resist this hegemonic compulsion for global domination.

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