Israel, Bulgaria and Iran

The deaths of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria are merely a symptom, tragic as it is, of Israel’s failure to act in an appropriate and more restrained manner in its relations with Iran. This egregious act is no less heinous than the killings of innocent Iranian scientists who are working on their nation’s legal nuclear-energy programme. I say legal because under the NPT, a non-nuclear nation under IAEA safeguards has the right to enrich uranium and reprocess plutonium if it is non-weapons grade. Israel did not sign the treaty because it does not want the world to know the full extent of its fission/fusion arsenal. Israel’s use of cyberwarfare to interfere with a nation’s pursuit of nuclear technology and damage its centrifuge equipment is an act of aggression. Like the 9/11 attacks, the attack at Burgas was probably another bloody chapter in an ongoing military confrontation between the west and the Arab/Persian world.

Israel’s repeated use of the word “terrorist” when describing the Islamic Republic of Iran or other nationalist-liberation groups is no less provocative than some of the remarks of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The rhetoric of “terrorist” and “zionist entity” is indicative of the lack of civil conduct that nation-states such as Israel, the United States and Iran are noted for. Yet powerful nuclear states with developed economies and technological advancement should demonstrate more leadership as custodians of international peace and security

Israel’s nuclear status and world-class killing military machine are its weaknesses in terms of asymmetrical warfare. The soft-spots are tourists and other soft targets that are not capable of self-defence. Israel has developed a first-world nuclear and conventional military infrastructure that makes it impenetrable from invasion or military subjugation. So its adversaries, that are less militarily advanced in a world that is sick of Israeli imperialism and apartheid, attack targets off shore that are not as secure as say the terrorist Dimona research reactor. The 9/11 attacks were carried out with civilian aircraft hijacked by Al Qaeda that had no air force. It was a sneak attack since no nation or non-state actor has the means of attacking the US homeland in a conventional military manner. That is the parallel I am drawing between Muslim resistance to Israel and the United States.

Israel has demonstrated refusal to end the occupation holocaust against the Palestinians of whom 400,000 were sent packing as refugees due to the disastrous creation of the State of Israel in 1948. No one is advocating the dissolution of the State of Israel. They steal their land like thugs; they confine them as prisoners with illegal concentration-camp fences which are Orwellian named “security barrier;” they restrict their travel; they refuse to accept a two-state solution. Israelis are rich; their neighbors are poor in comparison; Israel is smug with its military juggernaut.

For many months before the Burgas killings on the Black Sea, Israel has repeatedly threatened to start a preemptive air campaign against Iran. Iranian scientists have been murdered, its country’s technology subject to cowardly hacking and destruction; it’s economy devastated by sanctions imposed by other nuclear powers intent to limit admittance to the “nuclear club.” Indeed, Iran is in a war with the west and if it retaliates in a third country during tourist season, it should be understood in the context of the above. It is not surprising that nations generally respond to threats and attacks with their own strategies of realism and pursuing the national interest.

At some point Israel will have to recognise that even its inordinate and malignant influence on US foreign policy will erode and that either it will have to recognise the legitimacy of the Palestinians to exist or face inevitable isolation. With the declining influence of the US due to its economic turmoil and decline in global moral leadership, nation states should not anticipate that imperial inclusion in the hyperpower’s sphere of influence will innoculate it forever from pushback for subjugating non-white peoples in a neo-colonialist manner. The militarised, always eager to go to war State of Israel will have to realise it is not entitled to a nuclear monopoly in a region that it has attempted to assert military hegemony for so many decades. Without a new era of reconciliation and respect for the Muslim world, its future will be one of never ending conflict that might ultimately cascade into a nuclear event.

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