Slovenia Art Exhibit to Examine Progressive Themes, Publish Essay

I was asked to submit an essay that will accompany a Slovenian exhibit in display text, appear possibly in an exhibition book and in the press. Slovenia is a member of the eurozone of the European Union and was part of the former Yugoslavia. The exhibition’s principal organiser is Rado Poggi.

This is a brief excerpt from my essay,  “American Imperialism and the Paranoid Style of American Politics.”

“Jihadists, Muslims in general, terrorists, Al Qaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas, al Quds unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (P.K.K.) are designated or depicted as terrorist organisations. This is an effort to dehumanise and marginalise those who have legitimate grievances against the United States, Israel or other oppressive governments. No other nation is as frightened as the United States about the external world and yet ironically no other nation can project power across the full spectrum of military assets. Yet this power has led to a perpetual unease, a sense of hysteria, a compulsion and addiction to war, a rogue state status of human rights violations and a slow but palpable decline in both its standard of living and civil liberties.”


Necessary Discourse:hysteria (ND:hysteria) _update1_

ND:hysteria  is an art exhibition.

ND:hysteria points out on the identified predicament “hysteria”.

ND:hysteria brings two generations of artists together.

ND:hysteria combines points of view of artists and scientists from other fields.

ND:hysteria gives the contemporary art museum an active role in the society.

These five points are the columns of the project. During the first month of work on the realization  of ND:hysteria we collected several interesting and stimulating impulses, we want to communicate you, even to illustrate the process that will leads us to November 2008.

Hysteria can not only be interpreted as a rich and promising instrument to get influence on public opinion building, but there are also interesting thoughts that amplifies its contemporary meaning, such as:

  • – Hysteria – elections, (US-elections Nov.2008, Slovenian parliamentarian elections in Sept. 2008)
  • – Hysteria – current global economic crisis (incl. low US-dollar, high energy and food prices, etc.),
  • – Hysteria – trendy disease
  • – Hysteria – language evolution / extinction
  • – Hysteria – aging population in welfare-societies
  • – Hysteria – exceeded nations identity (e.g. Slovenia – Yugoslavia, Slovenia – EU)
  • – Hysteria – ecology, climatic change
  • – Hysteria – gene manipulation
  • – Hysteria – world religions (coexistence, dialogue)

During the 4-weeks exhibition-process we are planning to organize other activities such as symposia, lectures, performances, concerts, theatre, discussions, etc.

Some proposals that reached us:

  • – Lecture by Yael Ben Shalom (hysteria-memory-utopia-Israel-neuland-cionism)
  • – Lecture by Simon Bryceson (commercialisation of everyday life)
  • – Cither – concert (Mlakar)
  • – Music performance by Mukul Deora
  • – World Cultural Forum – symposium
  • – Discussion on topic “What Slovenians believe it’s not true in everyday media-news?”

The final part of the ND:hysteria will be the book in which all artworks, essays and public reactions will be documented.

So far the following partisans confirmed their participation:

Pino Poggi, Timm Ulrichs, Rainer Wittenborn,

Janez Jansa, Janez Jansa, Mladen Stropnik & Natasa Skusek, Lada Cerar & Saso Sedlacek, Saso Vrabic,

Peter N. Kirstein, Yael Katz Ben Shalom, WCF-Members, Robert Kurz, Loretta Napoleoni, Mukul Deora, Caroline Kihato, Simon Bryceson,

ND:hysteria is an ongoing process, therefore we are looking forward to collect your feedback and impulses, that we think are essential to create a relevant discourse and to legitimate its necessity.

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