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Was Chief Justice William Rehnquist a Racist?

Chief Justice Rehnquist was a law clerk to Supreme Court justice, Robert H. Jackson. Justice Jackson also was the chief United States prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials and according to historian David Irving, Nuremberg: The Last Battle, the … Continue reading

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Kanye West, Race and Hurricane Katrina

Kanye West, a rapper from Chicago, brought honour and distinction to the city and the nation when he said at a concert to assist the needy in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina devastation: “George Bush does not care about … Continue reading

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Gaza, Israel and Colonisation

Since I know many students consult my online work: 1) Arabs speak Arabic. An Arab may be Christian but an Arab speaks Arabic. Iranians are Muslims but are not Arab because most speak Farsi or Persian and not Arabic. 2) … Continue reading

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N.C.A.A. Edges Toward Greatness in Banning Racist Universities From Tournaments

The following schools have racist names and or mascots of Native-Americans who were devastated by white-settler genocide following the invasion of Columbus–although he technically did not invade the upper mainland of North America. Note one of the nicknames is “savages.” … Continue reading

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