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What the Annapolis Middle East Peace Conference is Lacking:

1) A non-terrorist state as host. It is risible that the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism and a current occupier of a sovereign Arab nation is hosting a peace conference that excludes its own aggressive war as an agenda item. … Continue reading

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Professor Kirstein to Publish on “Academic Freedom” and “J. Robert Oppenheimer” in Encyclopedia of the Culture Wars

In December, 2008 the two-volume set Encyclopedia of the Culture Wars will be released. I contributed articles on the history of academic freedom and its current problematic status and a biography of the “father” of the atomic bomb,  Dr J. Robert … Continue reading

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Talking Thanksgiving Day Blues

We are a nation in which 35,500,000 are hungry ranging from short-term to long-term incapacity in satisfying dietary needs in 2006. This number of hunger-challenged Americans increased from 35,100,000 in 2005. About 10% of adults and 13% of children are hungry … Continue reading

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“The Firing of Finkelstein”

I authored this article that appeared in Illinois Academe, the award-winning newsletter of the Illinois Conference of the American Association of University Professors, Fall 2007. While the tenure-denial case of Norman G. Finkelstein has seemingly ended with the September 5, … Continue reading

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Veterans Day Suspension: Fifth Anniversary November 11, 2002-2007

On this date November 11, 2002, I was suspended from teaching and removed from the classroom by then St Xavier University President Richard Yanikoski. The suspension had resulted from an e-mail I had sent on October 31, 2002 to Cadet Robert Kurpiel … Continue reading

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Additional Observations on the Review Board and DePaul’s Mehrene Larudee Tenure Case

I am struck by the fact that Professor Larudee has never received the University Board on Faculty Promotion and Tenure denial of tenure report. Perhaps that is “privileged” but I have seen no evidence that she has had any substantive … Continue reading

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President Holtschneider’s Letter of Tenure Denial to Mehrene Larudee

I have recently seen a copy of DePaul University President Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M. letter of June 8, 2007 that notified Professor Mehrene Larudee of her denial of tenure. The letter is strikingly terse and shockingly laconic and I believe … Continue reading

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A Pawn But a Perpetrator of Genocide: Enola Gay’s Paul Tibbets is Dead

  Quincy, Illinois native, babykiller holding affectionately a model of the Enola Gay. Photo: New York Times The captain of the Enola Gay, a weapon that perpetrated a holocaust over a city, is typical of America’s disregard for non-combatants and a racist … Continue reading

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