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Kirstein Blog Will Be On Hiatus…

  …Keep the transformative demands and the dream of a less violent, hegemonic and nationalistic America alive.

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Dr Sami Al-Arian Granted Bail: This is so heartening

This courageous former professor is finally granted some relief from the American gulag. Previoysly tenured at the University of South Florida, he has been the victim of ideological attack by an arbitrary and reckless academic-judicial axis of academic freedom suppression and … Continue reading

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Norman Finkelstein Academic Freedom Ordeal Featured in Jewish Press

The Dr Norman Finkelstein tenure battle is most demonstrative of the lack of academic freedom and the power of external lobbies to bully and intimidate universities into taking actions that are contrary to the pursuit of truth and knowledge. Stewart … Continue reading

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Senator Dianne Feinstein: You Will Not Destroy the First Amendment

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, supported the criminalisation of flag desecration by supporting what would be the Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. She is considered a major player in the Democratic Party; the fawning press is mesmerised by her monotone … Continue reading

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