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Kirstein Remarks on Gaza Panel

These are my remaks for Chicago Gaza Panel, February 26, 2009. Spanish philosopher Miguel Unamuno, during the Spanish Civil War, declared in 1936, “Sometimes to be Silent is to Lie.” He directed this remark on his campus of the University … Continue reading

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Gaza Panel to Explore Multidimensionality of the Crisis

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice and the Middle Eastern Studies Program consider involvement in world issues and responsiveness to humanitarian crises as basic tenets of service, mercy, diversity, and justice that constitute a part of the core … Continue reading

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Joel Kovel, Distinguished Scholar and Critic of Zionism, Contract Terminated at Bard College

I was honoured to serve on a panel with Dr Kovel at DePaul University’s Academic Freedom Conference last February. He is a great speaker and  the author of Overcoming Zionism which led to the lynch mob of Zionist anti-modernists demanding it … Continue reading

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President Obama, “To Be Silent is to Lie”: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal

President Barack Obama was asked twice at his initial prime time press conference on Monday February 9  by Helen Thomas whether there were any countries in the Middle East that had nuclear weapons. This courageous reporter, who was essentially banned by the Bush administration … Continue reading

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National Lawyer’s Guild on Gaza and Laws of War

I received this report from the National Lawyers Guild’s delegation to Gaza. I have every reason to believe their report is accurate given the distinguished history of the Guild and similar reports by Human Rights Watch and other dispassionate observers … Continue reading

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Fourteen Points for Barack Hussein Obama

I love his name by the way and when he took the oath of office from the unprepared chief justice, his entire name was used. The New York Times has also used it liberally after his nomination and his electoral … Continue reading

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