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GOP Should not Pass Senate Bill to Extend Social Security Payroll Tax Cuts

The House Republicans will cave in but should not extend the payroll tax cut. The Democrats are playing politics with the Social Security System. The payroll tax was to be a temporary one-year deduction from 6.2% to 4.2%. Yet that money … Continue reading

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Kirstein to Present Paper on Atomic Genocide, Alperovitz and Realism

This is the session of scholars that I will present with at the Midwest Political Science Association annual conference. One of the largest academic gatherings in the social sciences, this national conference will be held at the Palmer House, where … Continue reading

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Kirstein Interviewed on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Show

I appeared on Kevin Barrett’s American Freedom radio programme yesterday, December 12, 2011. I discussed a variety of issues ranging from academic freedom, online education, tenure, free speech and specific litigation arising from the Garcetti v Ceballos case. It begins at … Continue reading

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Andrew Breitbart Attacks Me for Comments at Pro-Adjunct Union Teach-in at St Xavier University

Andrew Breitbart has used his website through a surrogate writer, a Mr Lee Stranahan, to attack a colleague of mine and me for denouncing the economic system that has so immiserated Americans and for supporting the rights of adjunct faculty to organise under the … Continue reading

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Loretta Capeheart Oral Arguments Heard by the US Appeals Court for the Seventh Circuit

I attended the 7th circuit oral arguments for Northeastern Illinois University Professor Loretta Capeheart this morning, December 8, 2011, in the Federal courthouse here in the Loop. She is a tenured professor of justice studies at the Chicago university. The federal courthouse … Continue reading

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American Holocaust Continues in Vietnam: 100,000 More Victims of the Genocide

After slaughtering 2-3 million Vietnamese in a war of deliberate racial and ethnic extermination, another 100,000 are dead or wounded from unexploded weaponry left behind in 1975 as the US ran away from Vietnam up a ladder of the Embassy … Continue reading

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